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Dec 17, 2014

NoFap Experience So Far - Summarized Into A Poem

I am the best, I am the worst
I am the blessed, I am the cursed
I am the win, I am the loss
I am the line that I'm unable to cross
I am the joy, I am the sadness
I am the sane, I am the madness
I am the order, I am the chaos
I am Omega and I am Kratos
These contradictions speak loud
And they whisper quietly
As my malleable consciousness
Seems to transform nightly
But one thing's for sure
As I collapse into bed
I am at peace
With my paradoxical head.

I've been trying NoFap for over a year now and finally I am seeing several positive benefits in my life.
You can do it.
Stay Strong Fellas.

Source: My NoFap experience so far - summarized into a 16 line poem.

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