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Dec 31, 2015

Stages Of NoFap Reboot

A team nofap wallpaper
The following so-called "stages" are hypothetical and based purely on observation of own experiences, behavior and reports of other Fapstronauts.

Dec 23, 2015

100 Days NoFap Report

I just hit day 100! I haven't felt this great in a long time. I feel like my life isn't just back on track, but that it also has a lot more meaning to it. Joining this sub is probably the best decision I've made in my entire life.

Dec 16, 2015

A Year Of NoFap. Success, Failures, Highs, Lows

God damn. A year.

It's crazy how time just slinks away like that, isn't it? It seems like such a long time but before you know it a full calendar has zipped right by you and you're back where you started.

Dec 11, 2015

Every Time You Fail, You Diminish Yourself Further

There is a quote "Every time you fail, you get that much closer", which portrays NoFap failure in a positive light. To provide an alternate view, here is my response “Every time you fail, you diminish yourself further”.

Dec 8, 2015

THE LIST OF GREATS - NoFap Inspiration

Here is the list of NoFap legends (Great men that benefited from seminal conservation). All on the list fall into one of the three categories:
  1. Refrained from all sexual release (masturbation and sex) believing it provided mental/physical benefits
  2. Refrained from masturbation believing it provided mental/physical benefits
  3. Refrained from sex believing it provided mental/physical benefits
Whether one refrained from sex or masturbation (for life or for a short period of time, as in the case of athletes) they must have done so due to their awareness of its benefits.

Dec 7, 2015

You Don't Fap Because You Are Horny, Find The Root Cause

Fapping because I am bored, lonely, angry, stressed or tiredYes, we guys do get horny for sure. But I am willing to venture that 95% of fapping (masturbation to internet porn) is not due to being horny. I think it's to avoid feeling painful emotions we don't want to feel. Fapping gives us a burst of instant pleasure or else hours lost in distracted fantasy, both of which are pleasurable. I think it's easy to just say it's just due to hornyness. I bet if you really sit for a moment and ask “What am i really feeling right now, beyond the urge to Fap?" I bet you may discover loneliness, a desire for connection, emptiness, anxiety, sadness, frustration or many other emotions.

Dec 2, 2015

Re-boot: 150 Days Of NoFap

Hi everyone, just wanted to share my experience with nofap so far.

I'm roughly about 150 days in and I cannot believe how much my life has changed over the last year. This has been the hardest thing I've ever done, but it has been so worth it. My life has changed for the better in so many ways, that sometimes I can't quite believe I've done it. Here is my story...

A year or so ago I was depressed, angry, de-motivated, loathed myself, my self esteem and confidence was at rock bottom and I couldn't see any way out. I had a shitty job, no girlfriend, was losing my friends and my life was in the gutter. I was using pmo as a crutch to support myself and take away the pain but I didn't realize that it was the one thing that created it.

Oct 14, 2015

If You Want Clarity, DON'T Masturbate

There Will Be Days When You're Ravaged By Loneliness

Mornings when you wish you had a partner beside you to wake up to. Afternoons when you want someone to go on a walk/workout with. Dusk. When you imagine a woman or soulmate to kiss, hug, and talk to about the philosophy and inequities of life with. And the late evening...when your body and mind craves a wet, comforting place for you to deposit the weeks if not months worth of testosterone that you feel coursing through your veins as pure and devastatingly powerful electricity.

A Consistent, Fail-Proof Method Of Not Relapsing, Are You Ready? (This is not a Joke)

Make your life Awesome. Like really, make your life so fulfilling and enjoyable that the mere consideration of fapping NEVER even crosses your mind!

Oct 3, 2015

Pro Tip For NoFap

Protip : NoFap. Meaning YOU WILL NOT FAP. It isn't an option. You will not do it. Don't touch yourself. Get out and move if you feel bored. Do not look at porn. DO not look at provocative pictures. Do not touch your penis unless you are urinating or showering. Do not edge (masturbating without climax) -- Don't even try to test yourself. DON'T do it. I'm on day 104 and I don't even dare. I also don't think about it. I also lost it before this current streak on day 78 because I bargained with myself. I also felt like shit afterwords and wished I can have the streak back.

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