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Sep 27, 2015

Why 90% Of People Will Fail And Relapse Again. What You Need To Do If You're Serious About NoFap

I'm going to keep it short, but here's the simple truth: Most people here will never get out of the relapse-NoFap-relapse circle. Because of one thing:

They use NoFap as a goal. They don't replace fapping/porn with anything. They just strive towards having sex and that's it. Well, guess what, there's more to life.

Look. NoFap is not a goal. NoFap is a tool. The fucking DAY you start NoFap, on DAY ONE, you have to CHANGE. And no, I don't mean change like 'From now on I don't masturbate'. No, of course fucking not, change, like going from a Sheep to a Wolf.

First day of NoFap:
  • Affirmations
  • You stop masturbating and watching porn
  • You will make a list of stuff you have to do EVERY DAY and you will do that
  • You will read at least 10 pages out of a book of your choice (WISDOM, BRO!)
  • You will replace your PMO habits with other things (DO NOT LEAVE A HOLE IN YOUR DAILY SCHEDULE)
  • You will start working out or at least jogging
  • You will start taking cold showers everyday
  • You will start doing meditation at least for 3-5 minutes daily
  • You will limit video games / Netflix / TV / doing nothing to 2 hours per day MAX. Just imagine working a hard day and having 2 whole hours of relaxation. That's a lot. And because you worked hard that day, you'll truly relax. You won't waste your time, no, you'll relax from having worked an entire day.
Every other day of NoFap:
Repeat the above.
  • To sum it up, the typical rebooting advice of "Hey man, just do a 90 day reboot" is basically useless. 
  • This is a very serious addiction and should be treated as such. 
  • Willpower alone won't do it. 
  • Change the way you live. 
  • Change the way you think. 
  • And please, stop making so many posts about porn, cravings, urges, relapsing, erections, 90 days, etc. 
  • Instead, focus on the most important thing: Your life.


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