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Oct 14, 2015

If You Want Clarity, DON'T Masturbate

There Will Be Days When You're Ravaged By Loneliness

Mornings when you wish you had a partner beside you to wake up to. Afternoons when you want someone to go on a walk/workout with. Dusk. When you imagine a woman or soulmate to kiss, hug, and talk to about the philosophy and inequities of life with. And the late evening...when your body and mind craves a wet, comforting place for you to deposit the weeks if not months worth of testosterone that you feel coursing through your veins as pure and devastatingly powerful electricity.

A Consistent, Fail-Proof Method Of Not Relapsing, Are You Ready? (This is not a Joke)

Make your life Awesome. Like really, make your life so fulfilling and enjoyable that the mere consideration of fapping NEVER even crosses your mind!

Oct 3, 2015

Pro Tip For NoFap

Protip : NoFap. Meaning YOU WILL NOT FAP. It isn't an option. You will not do it. Don't touch yourself. Get out and move if you feel bored. Do not look at porn. DO not look at provocative pictures. Do not touch your penis unless you are urinating or showering. Do not edge (masturbating without climax) -- Don't even try to test yourself. DON'T do it. I'm on day 104 and I don't even dare. I also don't think about it. I also lost it before this current streak on day 78 because I bargained with myself. I also felt like shit afterwords and wished I can have the streak back.

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